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A carefully prepared personalized insurance solution for you

Our personalized insurance solution consist of evaluating your need and budget. After we determine what your need is, we’ll put together a proposal that covers your insurance needs that includes 1 or more insurance products. Including but not limited to: Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Umbrella Insurance, Rental Property Insurance, Pet Insurance, Travel Insurance.

What you’ll get by using an insurance advisor

Analysis of your assets & risk
we’ll help you calculate your current asset and risk needs to be sure you’ll get an adequate level of protection.

Best Carrier Selection
We’ll shop with the top A rated companies to make sure you’ll get the best carrier that fits your situation.

Claims & What if question support
We’re here when you need it. You’ll get assistance with all claims and answer to all your what if questions, so that you wont get marked on your insurance record.

Personal Advisor
A trusted advisor to turn to when you need it. We are your advocates and make sure you are satisfied.

Easy transitioning
We’ll do all the work. No need to call your existing insurance people, we’ll help you implement the new plan and talk to your current people to help you fully transition to our agency.

Online Access to your documents
You’ll get 24 hour access to your documents anywhere. No more waiting around for a document you need now.

5 reasons why you should use us

  • No additional cost. There are no fees when using us.
  • Save time by letting us do all the work.
  • You save money with a properly balanced cost to protection policy.
  • Complete tailored solution, no more 1 size fit all, cookie cutter policies.
  • Claims & What if support when you need it.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee to you

We want you to be completely satisfied with your decision to join us. If, for any reason, you are not totally happy, we will cancel your policy and gladly refund the unused premium you paid – no questions asked. No hard feeling either.