Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do you have online access for documents? Yes, we have an online account for all our customers. It doesn’t matter which company we used. Goto to access your documents and more.
  • I received a Travelers TravPay | Late Payroll Notice but I don’t have payroll last week or employees yet.  You are still required to report “ZERO PAYROLL” until your payroll provider takes over. Please click here for more details
  • I received a Workers’ Compensation Employer Inquiry Notice from State of New York Workers’ Compensation Board, what should I do? Click here for more details.
    • if you cancelled your worker’s compensation or NYS disability policy because you do not have any employees or if you do not have employees, then responding to the letter will complete their inquiry. OR
    • if you have employees but do not have worker’s compensation or NYS disability policy, please contact us and we’ll help you come up with a solution. However, you still must reply to the letter.