I received a Travelers TravPay | Late Payroll Notice but I don’t have payroll last week or employees yet

I received a Travelers TravPay | Late Payroll Notice but I don’t have payroll last week or employees yet

These instructions are for clients who are set up with:

  • Travelers Insurance for Worker’s Compensation
  • “TravPay” (Traveler’s Pay as you go billing option)
  • No employees yet, or did not start payroll with payroll provider yet

And you received an email from noreply@insurelinx.com; subject line: “Travelers TravPay | Late Payroll Notice”; message: “Our records indicate that payroll reporting for the pay period(s) listed below are past due:”

You are receiving this email because you did not report your payroll last week and have pay as you go selected. Travelers Insurance must know how much to draft from your account to pay for your worker’s compensation premiums. You must report even if you do not have employees yet and/or payroll has not started yet with your payroll provider. Once your payroll provider starts payroll with you, they will take over the payroll reporting to Travelers Insurance through Insurelinx on your behalf. You must report “ZERO PAYROLL” until you and/or your payroll provider has started the payroll.

If you have any questions, please contact our office 914-294-5300 or email service@riskblock.com



  1. Login to https://travpay.insurelinx.com/
  2. Click on “Enter Payroll” link under Shortcuts

  3. Click on “Zero Payroll” for each Payroll Reporting you see.

  4. Enter your name and the reason to report zero payroll for this pay-period
    1. Authorized By = your name
    2. Reason = No Payroll/Employees
  5. Click the Checkbox for “I confirm that there is no payroll for this pay period and that I am authorized to do so on behalf of the policyholder listed above.”

  6. Click on “Submit Zero Payroll”
  7. Wait for “Thank you for submitting your payroll.” Message Click “Continue”

  8. Click on “Continue” button
  9. Repeat for each pay period listed under Payroll Reporting
  10. Complete!

Author: Liam Dai
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