Spring Cleaning: Time for Insurance!

Spring Cleaning: Time for Insurance!

Out with the old, in with the new. Springtime brings a whole new set of activities to embrace. Everywhere we look, there’s something to be done. Probably the last concern we think of as we haul last year’s junk to the curb is how we’re covered by insurance. It’s a second thought at best, but in the event of an accident, what will happen?

To ease your mind, insurance coverage is here to ensure that everything goes smoothly so that we can focus on enjoying the better weather and heightened activity! In this article, we’ll take a look at all the ways we can be covered to ensure that we can enjoy spring in full-bloom.


Domestic Workers

Spring is a wonderful season to get things done. Ever hire the neighborhood kid to mow your lawn, or have a live-in worker keep things orderly and clean? You need to have Domestic Worker’s insurance [ADD LINK TO “Domestic Workers”] to ensure that, in the event of an injury, you’re covered against claims. One uninsured mishap could bring an end to the joyous festivities!

Homeowners Insurance

As a homeowner, we’re aware of all the things that could go wrong on our property. A child that falls off their bicycle on our property is one of instances that could spell the end all that spring has to offer. How do we protect ourselves from what life throws our way? That’s where having an adequate insurance policy can give us peace of mind.

The Weather

Spring isn’t without its changes to weather patterns. If a tree falls on your neighbor’s property, who’s liable? [ADD LINK TO “Tree Claims”] What about floods in your basement, [ADD LINK TO “Flood vs. Water Backup] or your sewer pipes backing up from intrusive tree roots? There’s so much that can go wrong as Mother Nature decides to stir things up, so it’s best to be prepared.

Going on Vacation?

Ever plan to rent a lakeside property to slow down the pace of life for a while? If you’ve decided to go that route, do you know how you’re covered if your little one hurts themselves on the property? If you don’t know, reading up about renters insurance [ADD LINK TO “What is Renters Insurance?”] can mean the difference between a happy vacation and cringe-worthy memory.

* * *

Spring means change, and you should reassess all of the ways that this season opens up you and your family to a whole host of liabilities. [ADD LINK TO “P&C Coverage”] To ensure that you’re fully covered, the advisors at RiskBlock can help aid you in becoming fully-covered, making sure that for all of life’s eventualities. Contact RiskBlock today so that you can focus on spring into the season with zest!

Author: Liam Dai
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